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ACELG Update

March 2018

The ACELG Update informs you about forthcoming events, as well as publications and presentations by members of the Amsterdam Centre for European Law and Governance. Items link to additional information wherever possible.



  • Anniek de Ruijter in a new podcast (Dutch) about women's quotas in the Netherlands - More
  • Tim Staal, with Karlijn Kuijpers and Thomas Muntz, has been nominated for the research journalism award 'De Loep' (Dutch) - More


Publications by ACELG members

  • Filipe Brito Bastos, Derivative illegality in European composite administrative procedures, in: Common Market Law Review, 55:1, (2018), 101-134 - article
  • Steven Blockmans, The Art of Sticking with the Nuclear Deal: Why Europe should Defy Trump on Iran, CEPS Policy Brief No. 1/2018, February 2018 - article 
  • Jonathan Zeitlin, Amy Verdun (eds), EU Socio-Economic Governance since the Crisis: The European Semester in Theory and Practice, special issue of the Journal of European Public Policy - article
  • Jonathan Zeitlin, Bart Vanhercke, Socializing the European Semester: EU Social and Economic Policy Coordination in Crisis and Beyond, Journal of European Public Policy - article
  • Jonathan Zeitlin, Christine Overdevest, Experimentalism in Transnational Forest Governance: Implementing European Union Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT) Voluntary Partnership Agreements in Indonesia and Ghana, Regulation & Governance, accepted for publication 25 August 2017 - article
  • Jonathan Zeitlin, Charles Sabel, Sigrid Quack, Capacitating Services and the Bottom-Up Approach to Social Investment, in Anton Hemerijck (ed.), The Uses of Social Investment, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2017, pp. 140-9 - article
  • René Smits, Overview of court cases on banking union - article
  • René Smits, Competences and alignment in an emerging future - paper
  • René Smits, Interplay of administrative review and judicial protection in European prudential supervision - paper
  • René Smits, Reflections on Euro area banking supervision: context, transparency, review and culture - contribution to the conversation on the SSM after three years -paper
  • René Smits, Announced and prophesied: proposals to strengthen Europe’s institutional set-up - paper


ACELG working papers

  • Christina Eckes, The law and practice of EU sanctions, forthcoming in:S. Blockmans and P. Koutrakos (eds), research handbook on CFSP/CSDP (Elgar publishing, 2018) - SSRN


Presentations by ACELG members

  • Jonathan Zeitlin (4 December), Experimentalist Governance in Data Privacy, presentation at Amsterdam Platform on Privacy Research, Institute for Information Law, University of Amsterdam
  • René Smits (22-23 January), presentation at the 2018 conference of P.R.I.M.E. Finance, the Hague - presentation
  • Steven Blockmans (15 February), Europe's defence train has left the station: speed and direction unknown, 54th Munich Security Conference, Munich - more
  • Tim Staal (22 March), speaker at Spui25 on the 'robot judge' e-Court and the digitization of the judiciary (in Dutch), Amsterdam - more
  • Jonathan Zeitlin (4-6 April), International Studies Association Conference, San Francisco, Panel: FD26: Transnational Sustainability Governance I: Experimentalism, Intermediaries, and Regime Effectiveness and Panel SA49: Transnational Sustainability Governance II: Institutional, Agentic, and Normative Dynamics of Orchestration, San Francisco
  • Jonathan Zeitlin (13-15 June), European consortium on political research (ECPR), standing group on the EUR (SGEU), Paris - more 


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