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ACELG Update

December 2017

The ACELG Update informs you about forthcoming events, as well as publications and presentations by members of the Amsterdam Centre for European Law and Governance. Items link to additional information wherever possible.



  • Associate Professor and ACELG researcher Kati Cseres has received a grant by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences to continue her research on the role of consumers in public services markets - More


Forthcoming events

  • 18 December, Dr Titus Stahl, University of Groningen, Law as social practice: A recognition-theoretic account - More


Publications by ACELG members

  • René Smits, Concetta Brescia Morra, Andrea Magliari, The Administrative Board of Review of the European Central Bank: Experience After 2 Years, European Business  Organization  Law Rev (2017) 18:567–589;  DOI 10.1007/s40804-017-0081-3 - article
  • Steven Blockmans, 'The Benelux approach to EU integration and external action', Global Affairs (2017), DOI: 10.1080/23340460.2017.1407581 - article
  • Annette Schrauwen, Egle Dagilyte, Matthew Evans, Elspeth Guild, Kathrin HamenstaŐądt, Jean-Michel Lafleur, Alessandra Lang, Sandra Mantu, Elsa Mescoli,  Eleanor Spaventa, Anthony Valcke, Sandra Mantu (eds)
    Expulsion and EU citizenship, Nijmegen Migration Law Working Papers Series 2017/02 - paper


ACELG working papersr

  • Laurens Ankersmit, Judging International Dispute Settlement: From the Investment  Court System to the Aarhus Convention’s Compliance Committee, SSRN


Presentations by ACELG members

  • Nik de Boer & Anniek de Ruijter (1 November) The Court of Justice and the Right to Health: The Asymmetry of European Integration and how to address it, Presentation at EU Law Discussion Group, University of Oxford, Oxford - announcement
  • Annette Schrauwen (14 November), speaker at a discussion evening organised by the Jonge Democraten Amsterdam on Separatism and the EU, Amsterdam
  • Nik de Boer (20 November) Why the National Constitutional Courts’ Review of European Law Does not Enhance the EU’s legitimacy, at the Workshop The Legitimacy of Constitutional Adjudication and Governance Beyond the State Workshop, University of Amsterdam, co-organised by ACCESS EUROPE and the Amsterdam Centre for European Law and Governance, Amsterdam
  • Nik de Boer (21 November) The False Promise of Constitutional Pluralism, Contribution to ACCESS EUROPE conference ‘Legal Pluralism and the European Union: Then and Now’,  Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
  • René Smits (21 November) Interplay of administrative review and judicial protection in European prudential supervision  -  Some issues and concerns.   Paper presented at the conference Judicial review in the banking Union and in the EU financial architecture, jointly organized by the Bank of Italy and the European Banking Institute
  • Daniela Obradovic (23-24 November) ' Enforcing the obligation of companies to disclose information related to the corporate social responsibility matters in the European Union’, 22th Annual  Ius Commune Conference,  Workshop on Legal Aspects of International Corporate Social Responsibility, Utrecht
  • René Smits (24 November) Leiden Law Exchange (LLX) roundtable In the spirit of close cooperation? ECB under scrutiny, University of Leiden


We wish you all happy holidays and a good start of 2018!


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